Principal’s Message

Principal Mrs. Shradha Kabra

(Principal, NVPS)

“A school with a Difference”

The management, the educators, the parents and all, together strive to make NVPS a school,that is an agent of individual growth, determination to one’s best and social transformation. That believes that each child learns differently at different depths and speed.

That assesses not to judge, but to improve learning. That helps everyone to find personal relevance in learning activities. That helps to develop an informed curiosity and a lasting position for learning beyond books. That invests in educators’ motivation.

Development and enthuse positive work ethos, and that encouraged parents to create a supportive atmosphere at home and become partners.

Resting on past laurels has never been our belief. “What will be” is always given greater importance. One can find enough will power to excel in one and all at National Victor Public School. Looking forward for your Patronage