Director’s Message

From the desk of Director


(Director, NVPS)

Education for life

"School education is like the foundation stone" where a lot is being taken care of and handheld to achieve the new high, with full traceability from time to time to nurture our generation and ameliorate them to become responsible citizens of tomorrow. NATIONAL VICTOR PUBLIC SCHOOL encompasses all forces that influence educational ecosystem from students, teachers to parents. Entire gamut of the education operations is cleverly mapped to generate synergies and contribute in building an ethical, value-laden, symbiotic social platform that belongs to all of us. For us, our school is sustainable development of the educational ecosystem with academic and indelible social impact, improving the lives of all the students, conserving the knowledge, protecting the future generations, making the nation stronger because "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER"

I ensure you that you feel proud to be associated with the institution for its vivid characteristics and handful of experienced and highly encouraging teaching faculty. We believe in empowering the children with passion, creativity and everlasting drive for lifelong learning.

I firmly believe that i will be getting full benevolent support and endless cooperation from the parents off all the sections of society to spread the light of education. Let the light scatter, spread and luminescence many more lives.....