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The Computer Lab

A hi-tech computer lab to make the students tech-savvy and to keep them abreast with the latest techniques & that teaches not just computer as a subject, but also, the integration of computer skills for learning of other subjects in the curriculum.

Science lab

The school has a well equipped science lab where students conduct various useful experiments to enhance the concepts better. Children develop interest in scientific research in science labs when they observe various things and carry out different experiments. Their reasoning skills are honed and they start thinking deeply on those theories and concepts.

Math lab

Math Lab helps the students to support their efforts to learn and achieve in their study of mathematics. Students may come to get help with a new topic, get clarification on a concept and get help with homework.

Learning Resource Centre

Smart Class Rooms

Our class rooms are smart rooms equipped with state-of-the art digital repository by a leading national brand. This aids in making the teaching-learning process more interesting, innovative, and interactive. The smart class system has in built modules for all the subjects’ right from pre-primary to the senior classes. It is integrated with the CBSE curriculum that our school follows.